How To Play Piano Songs On Different Sized Piano Keyboards By Shifting Octaves

The advantage of learning keyboard or keyboard compared with other instruments is the fact you can play music on any size keyboard because piano and keyboards are flexible in size. Let me describe further:

If you are struggling for space but really want to learn then there will always be a size option to suit you and you will learn just as well on a tiny piano or keyboard since you can on a standard size piano. fix electronics

Consequenaudio mixer repairtly below I am heading to speak about the most frequent size piano and keyboards that are used, and make clear about where common records such as middle C are on these.

MIDDLE SECTION C is most commonly used as a divider panel to split your kept hand and right palm. Your left hand normally playing the lower/bass remarks as well as your right hand participating in the bigger notes, mostly used for melody sections.

This kind of guide will help you if you have a different size piano to a standard one:

1) A FULL SIZE KEYBOARD HAS 88 KEYS, and middle C on a standard piano is the fourth C from the left of the keyboard or the first note/lowest note. If you opt to count this then it is the 24th key from the first be aware on the piano from the LEFT.

2) Shifting down size from a standard might be a keyboard or piano with 76 secrets…. To find MIDDLE C on this size keyboard it will be the third C from the left/lowest note on keyboard.

If you would favor to total the take some time then it could be the 20 th key from the first note.

3) Moving down to a smaller size again you can buy keyboards with just sixty one keys. This is the same pattern as the piano above in which to count how many C’s to middle C. It will be another C from the left/lowest key on the keyboard.

If you would like to count it will be the 15th key from the left.

4) One of many smallest keyboards commonly used is one with just 49 keys. This kind of can be used in hopes of young children.

To find MIDDLE C on this size keyboard it can be the third C from the left as explained on the two keyboards above good results. this one if you prefer to count you only need to count 15 tips from the left – the same format as the keyboard above.

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